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RMU Mandate:

According to Prakas 155-MOC/SM2010 dated September 13, 2010, the Risk Management Unit has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement the Risk Management Plan for Camcontrol DG;
  • Identify the risks that the program activities of each branch are intended to control;
  • Implement risk analysis (risk assessment, risk management and risk communication) under the mandate of Camcontrol, taking into account international good practices and Cambodia’s international obligations;
  • Propose the detailed methods for controlling the risks addressed by program activities, for implementation by Camcontrol branches;
  • Jointly with program managers (departments and/or branches), establish Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) for import-export programs  based on risk management;
  • Provide other relevant guidance to each branch on the implementation of a risk-based approach;
  • Communicate within Camcontrol and with key stakeholders about principles and practice of risk management;
  • Monitor and review the implementation of Risk Management Plan and revise the plan as appropriate.

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