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National Codex Committee 


Concerning the TCP/CMB project for strengthening the National Codex Committee in Cambodia, the top urgent is very necessary for the present need of Cambodia. Therefore in the earlier of 1998 the Council Minister decided to approve the sub-decree on the Establishment of the International Committee Coordinating Inspection of Quality and Safety of Products and Services. This committee has duty for coordinating all activities of inspection which relate to the field of Quality and safety of products in order to protect consumers and loyalty to the business, the Committee has a permanent secretariat and it is located at the CAMCONTROL Department, Ministry of Commerce. 


1 st- Meeting of National Codex Committee :


The first meeting of National Codex Committee was held its first meeting on 26 April 2001 at the Ministry of Commerce and conducted by H.E Cham Prasidh, Minister of Commerce and chairman of the Committee. Participant were invited from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Energy, Council Ministers, Ministry of Economics and Finance, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery, Officials from Commerce Ministry. 

Welcome remark were presented by H.E Cham Prasidh, Minister of Commerce and stressed that the Sub-decree Number 05 is amended by the new one, number 28 emphasizing the additional duty of the Inter- Ministerial Committee and acted as the National Codex Committee by keeping the same members. The agenda for the meeting is the important of National Codex Committee (NCC), the Duty of each involved ministries and the work-plan of NCC for the year 2001. 
H.E Minister started presenting the food trade beyond the year 2000 and pointing out the international trade of food and related to world-wide food quality and safety issue, globalization of food, food problems and the issue of strengthening national food control infrastructure. the following concern was the implication of Codex and WTO on Cambodia, what effects on Cambodia does the Codex Alimentarius and WTO have related to food quality and safety, in the meantime he has quoted the importance objective of Codex Alimentarius such as to protect the health of consumer, to ensure fair practices in the food trade and to coordinate all food standard works. 

The meeting was a success in that these appeared to be a much better understand of the work of Codex, the obligations required the WTO's SPS and TBT agreements and the need for Cambodia to take a concerted effort in improving cooperation and coordination among the concerned ministries.



The H.E Minister highlighted the work-plan of NCC for the year 2001 as below :

1.      To establish the sub-decree on food labeling,

2.      To set up technical working Groups,
3.      To establish microbiological standard of food,
4.      To establish chemical standard of food,
5.      To establish draft of National Food Safety Program.



2nd Meeting of National Codex Committee

The 2nd meeting of NCC was held on August 9, 2001 at the Ministry of Commerce. the agenda of the meeting are as following:


1.      To present formally the Codex Alimentarius in relevant ministries,
2.      To discuss the establishment of technical working group in the NCC,
3.      To discus the relation of Standardization Department of the Ministry of Industry Mine and Energy with NCC regarding food standard and industrial processing products.
4.      To define the involved ministries having duty in guideline and standards of agricultural products.
5.      Discussion on the draft of food hygiene sub-decree. 



Below is the Minutes of Codex Meeting which was held at Ministry of Commcerce on January 31, 2011, chaired by His Excellency CHAM Prasidh, Senior Minister and Minister of Comemrce, followed by Amended Prakas on Composition of Technical Workings:


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